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Meet Caidy: Welcome

The Person Behind the Passion

Caidy Brasure
Award Winning Editorial Hair and Intricate Braid Specialist. Salon Owner. Formal Hairstyling, Braiding and Bridal Business Educator. Certified Hair Extension Artist. Makeup Professional.

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From a very young age, I found a sense of calmness within hair styling and braiding. What started as creating unique hair designs on my own hair, then stemmed to offering updos for my sisters and friends attending school dances, a variety of ponytail looks to cheerleaders for their competitions, and intricate braids for the football/basketball players to wear during their games. Although I loved all things hair related, I decided to pursue another avenue of attending college to become a Sports Writer. One day while in class my professor asked what my true passion was in life and at that moment, it clicked. Hair. I left my writing ambitions behind and enrolled in cosmetology school the very next day, never looking back.

Embarking on a new journey, I was eager and excited to share with others my goal of becoming a Styling and Braiding Specialist. Unfortunately the feedback I received when expressing this was less than desirable, referencing how I would ‘never make it as a specialist in such areas, because that’s not what people go to cosmetology school to become.’ Determined to turn my passion into purpose, the opinions of others were not enough to force me in a different direction. Fast forward 14+ years where I’m beyond honored and proud to be an Award Winning Hair Artist, Salon Owner and Industry Educator.

From all I’ve experienced to this point, to all that’s yet to come, my message is simple. ‘You cannot always control what you experience in life, but you can control how you react.’ Had I allowed the opinions of others to redirect my focus, I wouldn’t have the opportunity of sharing with you the love I have for my craft, in hopes my experience, knowledge and technical artistry will help inspire you along your own hair journey. So, thank you for being here. Thank you for your support. And, thank you for your interest in myself as a Hair Artist and/or Educator. I am so appreciative and cannot wait to connect with you soon.  

XO Caidy

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